Kristi desu! (chocobohaired) wrote,
Kristi desu!

Goodbye, spikey yellow hair.

EDIT: *COUGH* Hem hem. Excuse the sudden emoness. I'm going through a bad phase right now, we shall say. Ehh.. So I'm going on hiatus, really. Just a short hiatus.

When I return, I'll no longer use this journal, hm? I'll use kristi_desu. So hop on over there and I shall certainly friend you. If you don't, I'll miss your journal. It might take me a while to refriend you, but when I start posting, I definitely will. Srsly srsly, so do it.

I just need some time away, to better myself and all.

Oh and to reassure you, none of you have caused this. T_T This is all about me.

I love you all, and I really apologize for worrying anyone.
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