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Get out and slap every wack'n'craps!

Are you ready for this?

Kristi desu!
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chocobohaired (adjective): One with bright yellow, floofy, or otherwise chocobo-like hair.


1. I might write a long entry that doesn't go behind an lj-cut. I get extremely annoyed when I see someone has commented on a friends entry (or on one of mine!) that's like "um... lj-cut plz." Are you too lazy to scroll? You can even hit CTRL+F, type in a word you know is after the post (such as post comment) and voila, you're past the entry. And don't tell me that long entries make your friends list take too long to load. My connection is incredibly slow, I deal with it. Besides, if you don't wanna read my entry, unfriend me already. XD Jeez.

2. I might post more then once in a day. OH NO you might have to click "earlier" to see all the new entries. Pleeeease. You can adjust the amount of entries shown on your fl, for one thing. For another, it's one frickin' click. Maybe two!!! If you can't handle loading more then one page... ugh, I don't even know. That's just dumb. XD

3. THIS JOURNAL MAY CONTAIN BLASPHEMY. I am NOT religious, and religion sometimes annoys me. I may let some inconsiderate things slip out. If this is going to bother you tremendously, don't add me please.

4. This journal will contain bad language. Possibly lots of it.

5. This journal may have some sexual content. I will post porn of any kind behind a cut, don't worry. XD But text wise, there might be something said that will offend like.. christian parents. Or like Tea Gardner.

6. I'm a bit of a fangirl, and I'm certain this journal will involve.. fangirling.

7. I might say a lot that doesn't make sense. Just look past that stuff.